Manifesting in the Silence through the Divine Vault (Video Program)

Learn How To Access Your Divine Vault

For The First Time Michele Blood –after many people asking- has recorded a Very Special downloadable Video to assist you to Learn How to Manifest in This World, The Things That Will Give You Happiness, Abundance and Inner Peace.

In this Video Michele also sends Light to you and gives You Specific Instructions on How to Manifest Through Your Divine Silence inside The Divine Golden Vault.

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    Manifest Through Your Consciousness

    Manifesting from the silence, what does this mean?. First of all understand anything can be changed in your world, it does take action, but the main ingredient is going into that silence.

You see the word of manifesting has so many connotations, but your are not the one that does it.  It is your connection with the silence that has the power to manifest.  And what is the silence, why do we want to go into the silence to manifest?  Because of the fact that you need to plug yourself in to the divine power, which exists in your consciousness.

  • Learn to tap into the silence you can use this energy to manifest.
  • Remember that the silence is not being quite, it's that your consciousness becomes still and you can allow the power of the universe to manifest for you.
  • You want to go into that deeper place within you while you are awake.
  • Realize that your mind is creating everything, but cannot if your mind lives in the past or future but lives in the present.
  • You can change your story and start fresh and empowered.
  • Your mind is a tool that's plugged into the divine and ready to create for you.

Why Do Dome People Succeed Spiritually
and Others Don't?

Everything is Energy...

Some people have learned to have an over abundance of energy through connecting to the silence. In order to manifest and have power you need to learn how to store and increase energy.  If you don't have an abundance of energy then you will level out and remain in the same energy level for the remainder of this life.

Then It Begins to Happen...

Once you learn how to have an abundance of energy you will begin to manifest things in your life.  You will feel lighter and true happiness begins to enter your life.  Many of us that are on a spiritual journey just need a helping hand.  The world can be a fun and happy place but if your energy is low and stuck, it's challenging to manifest.   It's important start fresh and create new habits of manifesting through the power of your mind. Once you do that you begin to progress faster than ever before.

Your Mind is a Tool that is Plugged in...

I'll be teaching you to use your mind as a tool that's plugged into the divine.  A tool that is ready to create for you.  There are people that you have met that tap into the divine. They are connected with more energy and can manifest more.  Like a Richard Branson, he has more energy, because he is tapped in to this energy which we call divine energy.

In addition, we've added Two Special Bonuses:

What Others Have Experienced

Thank you for your bright light!
Once again you have helped me to manifest a dream come true. After 7 months without any "source of income" and living with my sister in The MidWest, Ohio, where "jobs" are the way of life. You responded with a free call and Light Transmission when it was not possible for me to pay. A prayer answered. This week I was hired to work one on one with an autistic 6 year old as he goes to one of the finest programs in the area to assist him. There are tears of gratitude as I write.

Caroline United States

Hi Michele, I don't know if you remember or not, but a couple weeks ago you did a prayer request for me and my son. I am a single mom and fully support my child (no help from the dear old dad!) I asked for financial help and just general well-being protection. Well, wouldn't you know - I came up for a review at work and ended up receiving a promotion to Manager level! With a huge pay increase, it did come with one! Thank you so much for your kind words and energy projection.

Megan United States

I would have to honestly say my life has changed for the best. I can get the most powerful, up-lifting and energizing emotions when I participate in any of Michele's in-person or webinar sessions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... I am gaining momentum to my higher self, to reaching my unlimited consciousness. God Bless You Michele.

Don United States

I am blown away with Michele's enthusiasm and genuine energy she is able to project. I have followed her work and Bob Proctors for years. in the past year I received and email about a meditation seminar she was holding and I attended and was blown away. It seemed to fit into everything I had always known the theory of what my own mystical projects were about. Now I'm a member of her Mystical Success Club with ongoing meditation, lectures, and support material. I find this a rare way to evolve and to stay current. This club is helping me stay true to purpose, direction; I am growing in knowledge and light experience with someone who has years of success as an author, mentor, musician, career coach, etc. and I LOVE IT! Thank you Michele! I always look forward to the monthly DVD so much!

Kim United States

Dearest Michele,
I wanted to thank you again for who you are and what you do. God has given to the world a special gift with you. He is truly working through you.  I continue to live each day with much more joy and happiness and I know I am just beginning my way to being one with the universe in consciousness, one with everyone and everything. I feel like I am being reborn and my consciousness is awakening.

Gary United States

My entire life has changed since Michele has be sending me the Shakti Light. I am singing and happy and even my husband is being kinder to me. It is what feels like a miracle. I can feel love and joy like I only felt as a child.

Naomi United Kingdom

I received your hand-written card with DVD today; thank you so very much for your loving and encouraging words--they are truly appreciated! Also wanted to let you know, dearest Michele, that your prayer/energy transfer brought about an incredibly deep and spiritually uplifting meditation experience that night, such as I've never experienced before!

John Berlin

Dear Michele,
Your prayers helped me to find a job working with developmentally disabled Souls. So many Miracles! Bless you so much! With Love and Light.

Caroline United States

The Mystical Success Club is one of those all too rare one-of-a-kind true and effective guides to generating ongoing wealth and prosperity consciousness on all levels. Now, thanks to Michele Blood, new life and vitality has not only been breathed into my life. Her ground-breaking effort and contribution to the well-being of people on a global scale is truly a gift that keeps on giving! The sooner you take advantage of it, the better your life and relationships will be. Her awakening is awakening me.

Michael United States

Michele's insights, music and exploration into the mystical success we can tap into through her club and many other products and books takes all that she has to offer to help with the richness of her transformational teachings. I love The Mystical Success Club and the monthly DVD's are pouring with energy transmission. I highly recommend it as a priceless sacred space for you to grow in consciousness and to bring harmony to all of your family members.

Bernadette Australia

Hello Ms. Michele Blood,
Many thanks, I and my son are from the Philippines and in your last energy transmission where I requested that you include me and my son, and then I sent his and my photo, that time I suppose after you prayed for us, we were able to sleep like a baby. My son has very high grades in his examination in the morning after we have been prayed for by you.

Jorge Philippines

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