Advanced Transformation
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Worlds of Luminosity and Inner Change

    Yes! I Want 6 Weeks of Life Changing Transformational
    Teachings and the 6 Empowerments

    Learn What's Keeping You From Your Spiritual Advancement

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    Are You Ready to Be Awakened? To become Enlightened is why you’re here and there are so many things that you can be doing to assist you.

    Yes! I Want 6 Weeks of Life Changing Transformational
    Teachings and the 6 Empowerments
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      Remove Old Stagnant Energy

      You'll learn how to remove old stagnant energy from you life and replace it with fresh pranic energy full of joy and happiness and success.

    We will focus on your soul and lift that veil that has been holding you back.

    • Learn to remove damaging ethereal lines of energy.
    • Learn to release lines of damaging energy from your home.
    • Learn to neutralize negative energy so you are always protected.
    • Lern how to purify your mind and energy.
    • Learn how to remain empowered through your sleep.
    • Discover which part of your home is most vulnerable to negative energies.

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      Empower and Raise Your Consciousness

      This world can be a little dangerous when you don't have enough energy and awareness to see who is in your life to take your energy and make you feel drained and beaten down.

    So your story has been created by those that have brought you up: how you process information, how you see yourself, how others see you, how you react to others.

    • Become aware of the energetic damage that drama in your life is causing.
    • You may be reacting to the past and wasting energy in stories that are not true and are disempowering.
    • No matter what drama you are in, you are a spiritual being, an immortal consciousness full of light.
    • Every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning.
    • You can change your story and wipe the past clean and start fresh and empowered
    • You are not your senses, not your emotions, not your body. You are a divine, immortal soul.
    Yes! I Want 6 Weeks of Life Changing Transformational
    Teachings and the 6 Empowerments
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      Advanced Mystical Truths

      You have the truth and wisdom within you. You just need to learn to burn away the energies that are blocking your progress. Once you do, the spiritual path will be much easier and beautiful.

    Advanced mysticism is being able to detach your mind from your physical activities, from your plans, schemes and dreams, pains, sorrows, thoughts, jealousies, emotions, spiritual ideals – being able to let go of all and begin anew.

    • Learn to awaken the part of you that knows truth. Learn to overcome both attraction and aversion in order to still the mind and see truth.
    • Awaken the power and energy that that activates your chakras.
    • As you learn these techniques and improve your meditation, you will be on the right path to spiritual advancement.
    • Activate your chakras by having the kudnalini unblock your Sushumna.
    • Learn to be shifting through the selves, shifting through your thoughts, practicing mindfulness. How to shift through thousands of states of mind
    • Allow the flow of life to guide you to your higher purpose and accept with equanimity and balance, your true higher self.

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      There are 2 Worlds - Enlightenment and Desire

      How do you get over desire? Well, you meditate. First declutter then meditate and you will gain more and more power.

    You have to put your life in order first and raise your energy before your spiritual advancement begins.

    • Happy people, enlightened people, and successful people, inspired people, all share something in common. They've learned how to manage and increase their energy.
    • Life is not complicated and the soul is simple. You are a divine being. There is only light in you.
    • Let the bitterness of the past go and be one with the divine.
    • Bring into this world divine light and when leave the body, you leave with divine, immortal consciousness.
    • How much will you wake up? How much you will come to see and know before you leave this place again? That's up to you.
    • Everything you see before you with your physical eyes is an illusion. Life is made up of light.

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      A True Mystic Seeks Power

      Life is a wonder, an endless wonder. When you are in a high level of attention you see that clearly.

    Naturally, if your energy level is low, then everything is gray, two dimensional, boring, frustrating, and unhappy.

    • The study of Spirituality is the study of energy, power, knowledge and balance.
    • Enlightenment doesn't occur by an accident: it's a deliberate decision that someone makes again and again, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, lifetime after lifetime.
    • Gaining energy is accomplished by meditating, by right actions, right decisions and by studying with a true teacher.
    • The Universe is made up of vibrating pulsating light. But when our attention level drops, and our energy is low we don't see that. Instead we see what appears to be a solid material world.
    • Most people don't understand where they are losing energy. If you plug all the holes of drainage, and if you learn to meditate correctly the rest will happen automatically for you.
    • Each day we start over, each evening, each moment. Always be inspired. It's that attitude of inspiration and belief that creates energy.
    Yes! I Want 6 Weeks of Life Changing Transformational
    Teachings and the 6 Empowerments
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      Become a Practicing Mystic

      Become a mystic, someone that seeks and knows power, makes great decisions based on your true self not your fearful self.

    Many people have blockages, that block happiness, block joy, block energy flow. You will learn how to dissolve those blockages.


    • Practicing mystics don't react, they respond. Respond with love. Whenever you take the time to inspire someone, to aid them in their inner search, you'll find that energy comes back to you.
    • Have a great time. Extend that mind of yours which you sharpen with the sword of meditation into Eternity; feel beyond this life, beyond all lifetimes. Be inspired.
    • The reason people don't advance is because they get stuck in ideas, habits, and ways of seeing life, ourselves, the Universe.
    • The description of the world that most people have – how they win, how they succeed, how they become happy – is very limited. They are in a fog.
    • When you hold high thoughts and images in your mind all day long and all night long, you raise your power level and you create a vibratory energy around those thoughts.
    • Become a mystic, someone that seeks and knows power, makes great decisions based on your true self not your fearful self.

    Why Do Dome People Succeed Spiritually
    and Others Don't?

    Everything is energy... you either gain energy or lose energy. Thousands of people across the world wish to advance spiritually and never do. They spend their lifetime trying and they reach a certain level and never really advance spiritually.

    Why do some people succeed spiritually and others don't? It's not that they are special, it's that they have figured some things out which are allowing them to advance.

    Increasing Spiritual Energy

    Everything is energy. Some people have learned to have an over abundance of energy.  In order to advance spiritually you need to learn how to store and increase energy.  If you don't have an abundance of energy then you will level out and remain in the same spiritual level for the remainder of this life.

    Then It Begins to Happen...

    Once you learn how to have an abundance of spiritual energy you will begin to feel lighter and true happiness begins to enter your life.  Many of us that are on a spiritual journey just need a helping hand.  The world can be a fun and happy place but it can also damage us, especially if our awareness is low and stuck.   It's important to remove those lines of attention that have been holding us back and stopping our progress. Once you do that you begin to progress faster than ever before.

    Transmission of Light

    If you  want to move into brighter levels of consciousness, you require extra light that can be transmitted only by those few that able to. Those that have had their Kundalini awakened.  It's not enough just to meditate.   In order to be a serious seeker of higher consciousness you need to have grade "A" Kundalini energy transferred to you.  That way you can move quickly from states of minds into brighter, divine consciousness.

    Yes! I Want 6 Weeks of Life Changing Transformational
    Teachings and the 6 Empowerments

    Changing Lives

    My entire life has changed since Michele has been sending me the Shakti Light. I am singing and happy and even my husband notices the difference. It is what feels like a miracle. I can feel love and joy like I only felt as a child.

    Naomi United Kingdom

    Thank you so very much for your loving and encouraging words–they are truly appreciated! Also wanted to let you know, dearest Michele, that your prayer/energy transfer brought about an incredibly deep and spiritually uplifting meditation experience, such as I’ve never experienced before!

    John Berlin

    This 6 week Advanced Mysticism course was wonderful. The thing I most enjoyed was the energy clearing! It was especially uplifting for me that my husband, Steve. Prior to that he was not about releasing anything, so to see him get into it and enjoy the results was great.  I also want to thank you again for offering all those prayers - remarkable. Michele you absolutely, bloody rock! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Erica United States

    I am very grateful for growth that Michele Blood's Advanced Mysticism Course has given me. It was a clean-sweep of old energy for me. Receiving the Light transmissions seemed to super-charge the results as I followed the instructions to change my life, both inside and out. It gave me a liberating sense of renewal. I came out of it changed and freed from old-me limitations. This was a very valuable experience for me and I am so thankful to Michele.

    Hemat Australia

    Michele, all is so Beautiful and I appreciate everything that you have done for me.  My life has changed so much. I literally feel like I have stepped back out in the world as a new person.  I am grateful to you.  I hope you feel my heartfelt gratitude all the way from the East Coast 🙂  Love!

    Elizabeth United States

    The Advanced Mysticism course has brought a new way of life for me.  In applying the techniques, I found my house became a different place to live in. The house became anew as if it had come to life with a new feeling and energy. I am so grateful to you, Michele, for introducing me to these tools that are so simple but yet so powerful in my life, and because the Light was sent to me as I followed the instructions, it made it a truly Mystical Experience.

    William Ireland

    I want to thank you for taking the time to create the Advanced 6 week course towards liberation. Being guided in lecture and tasks, such as clearing environment, purifying, and setting goals, along with each week being given a meditation and Light Transmission, has changed my life.  I will continue to review these again and again for daily empowerment. Thank you so very much. Blessing.

    Kim United States

    I encourage everyone to go through the Advanced Mysticism Course. So much to discover... so much bliss to be felt. I felt the energy in my environment change and was uplifted.  I started a new journey and was lifted up high! It is unusual to have someone who can actually transmit Light to others. Michele’s Light ripples out for a brighter, happier, more loving, peace filled world! Thank you Michele.

    Bernadette Australia

    Ready for Worlds of Luminosity and Inner Change?

    Yes! I Want 6 Weeks of Life Changing Transformational
    Teachings and the 6 Empowerments