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the sea of unlimited consciousness

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For Those Seekers Who Wish To
Manifest Success Through Spiritual Principles

Every book of true spiritual wisdom we have read has brought about some measure of higher awareness to our consciousness, what might be called the melting down of ice or peeling of an onion to who we really are. Each book, seminar, or spiritual experience has been taken into consciousness and has prepared us for the next spiritual realization.

As we awaken more to the Truth of who we really, we begin to live in two worlds: one of Light and one of the so called real world. This can be a challenge to an open heart. Those who have had a true spiritual awakening, discover coming back down to earth where bills have to be paid and business conducted to be very challenging and even painful.

Use the Universal Laws
to "YES" Attract Money but Most Importantly
Experience Oneness Through Spiritual Awareness

May this book awaken the greatness to in you to become successful and at the same time keep waking up more and more to your true spiritual self. Let this book help you prosper with an increase of money, power and light.

Prosperity Consciousness goes much deeper than just thinking good thoughts and having a good attitude, even though mindfulness is of course very important if wewish to awaken to Truth!

Feel it for your self, for there is far more going on in this volume than mere words. As you read, please keep your mind focused and your heart open and you will receive the message. You will know!

Bob Proctor & Beyond the Secret

Many of you reading this material may have seen Bob Proctor for the first time in the now world renowned film ""The Secret"" produced by Rhonda Byrne and directed by Drew Heriott. "The Secret" is a great introduction to metaphysics and serves as a true reminder the importance of consciousness.

This film has opened a world of new awareness for many, and for some ""The Secret"" was the first introduction to Spiritual Universal Laws. However, for the serious student of consciousness, the question is, what's next? How do we use the universal laws to attract money, success and, most importantly, gain more spiritual awareness?

Well, that is where this magical volume comes in, to answer what"s next! Prosperity Consciousness goes much deeper than just thinking good thoughts and having a good attitude, even though mindfulness is of course very important if we wish to awaken to Truth!

Bob Proctor - A True Teacher

Let me share with you first a little about Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor is, in my opinion, a true transformational prosperity teacher. He has high awareness, a beautiful heart and has the rare ability to teach people from all walks of life and cultures the secrets to success so that anyone can really understand and get IT!

Bob"s best selling book "You Were Born Rich" and his audio programs and live events have changed the lives of millions of souls all over the world. Bob is a true mentor to so many great authors and teachers of our time, he has helped people from all over the world to wake up and lead a life of prosperity.

I am deeply grateful that I met Bob Proctor and had the honor and privilege to work with him. When I first started working with Bob in 1992 it changed my life. He asked me "Michele, what do you truly want?" I thought about it and realized I wanted freedom and awareness so that I could spread more Light through my positive music. I had already done one album on my own as a solo artist. Without my band mates and being in a new country alone it was scary. Bob said to me "So what if you"re scared, do it scared, if it doesn"t scare you a little then your want is not Big Enough." WOW those words changed my thinking about fear. It was GOOD to be scared as then I was growing. What a concept. Because of Bob"s amazing light and wisdom our MusiVation" music is now spreading Light all over the world.

His friendship and guidance helped me in so many ways. He began writing songs with me as he really understood how powerful and fast positive affirmations created as lyrics would be to the mind when combined with melody and music. Together we created such powerful MusiVation" songs and then we went on to create the most beautiful and powerful audio programs on Success. I still have pages of lyrics Bob has written that are filled with light and wisdom. I will continue writing music for his words/lyrics because they are overflowing with such a HIGH VIBRATION of wisdom, power and light. That is why people feel so high after listening to the songs as the light behind the recordings is HIGH! As Bob says "Vibration tells the story every time."

Volume 1:
Become a Magnet to Money

The first book in this volume "Become A Magnet To Money" holds many Universal Truths so that all who are ready to take action on these ideas and follow the instructions will be inspired, and can be very successful and happy. I took transcripts from audio programs I recorded with Bob many years ago and put what I consider the greatest of his lessons from these MusiVation" programs into the first book in this volume and then wrote and added more topics. Many people do still prefer the written word and in a book form the teachings can then follow on through the years and help many more souls, long after we have left our physical bodies.

As Doug Wead, former Special Assistant to the President of the United States stated about Bob Proctor "Zig Ziglar may be the master motivator, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the master story tellers; Anthony Robins may be the guru of personal development, but Bob Proctor is The Master Thinker. No one can touch him." The Master Thinker wow!! Doug Wead is an aware soul, he really gets who Bob is!

Volume 2:
Enter the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness

The second volume, "Enter The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness" originally started out as the last chapter of the first book and then Spirit had more plans for this topic and guided me to go into more depth of discussion into why we experience certain confusion and doubts through the different levels of consciousness.

For example, what is a dark night of the soul compared to depression? Most do not realize that a dark night of the soul experience is actually a good thing because no one explained to them what they were experiencing. Some did in fact go backwards instead of moving forward. Usually at these times we go to a therapist to find out what is wrong but it is only through esoteric illumination we can know for sure, no one can know for us.

Why we get stuck at some stages of our development is discussed in this second book. So if you have been on the path and feel that your spiritual studies and practices are no longer working this second volume may illuminate you, that is the intention.

That is why there are two books in one volume. It is recommended that you read the "Become A Magnet To Money" book first and then read "Enter The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness" second.

Enlightened Minds

So many Enlightened minds and souls have been teaching these truths about the power of our thoughts for eons of time from Augustas (Hermes) Trismigestus, The Buddha, Jesus the Christ and all of the great authors of positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill etc. all said the same thing in different ways, "Thoughts are Things, As Above So Below, With Your Thoughts You Create The World, Only Thinking Makes It So, It Is Your Faith etc"

A Master Thinker is one who knows and feels intensely their connection to their higher power. Bob is a Master Thinker and has brought the Law of Attraction and how to think to the masses from all cultures and to people from all walks of life and even into the hard nosed corporate world. As of this date in 2008 he has done this for over 45 years and he is still going strong.

This volume holds words of Truth. Powerful lessons to help you become a wealthy, independent free soul. So if this is new to you please keep an open mind and let your heart feel it for you.

May you always walk consciously with Spirit and may your life be increased with abundance, joy and illumination.

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*247 pages( Vol. 1 & 2 )

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Krystalia Marie

This book vibrates at an awesome level of truth and insight and is a must read for anyone wanting to truly magnetize themselves to money.

This is not about having money for greed, it is instead all about having the money for doing good on the planet while enjoying and taking care of yourself. I applaud both Bob & Michele for their authenticity and the great value they provide.

Nancy Berggren

Every day now is a surprise, as more and more opportunities are coming my way, from sometimes totally unexpected sources. If nothing is too good to be true, this book can help us make those impossible dreams come true!


Patricia Mulligan

The method is so simple that you would never really consider it on your own. Michelle Blood is a fabulous, beautiful and spiritual woman with much to share with the world. Her pairing up with Bob Proctor for this project is a gift.

For a short time....

Be a Magnet to Success
Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness Vol I, II

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Remember: It's About Learning How to Raise Your Awareness Then The Money Will Come"

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